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Beads, Elbow, Faux Pearls, Ivory, Pearls, Rhinestones, Single, Veil, White

Single Layer Elbow Length Veil with Decadent Cut Edge of Embroidery & Accents 1560

  • $ 22850

Beautiful single layer bridal veil with a delicate embroidery of floral scrolling along the edge of this veil accented with pearls, seed beads and sequins.

This decadent, single layer veil features a simple cut edge with an intricate border of flower embroidery that lights up the entire accessory blissfully! Faux pearls, rhinestones and bugle beads deliver a glistening accent of sparkle that is just simply breathtaking! Family, friends and guests are guaranteed to fall in love with this elbow length veil.

Size: 31" long x 71" wide.

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